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Yes…i DO!
I do love sequins! …the vintage ones especially, and i realised that i haven’t posted on my blog pictures of the real treasures hidden in my closet.
This dress for example i wore last year for the 2013 NYE and after that a few times as a skirt with a pullover.
I found it in Paris at a flee market, i got it down from 50 euros to 27, don’t ask me HOW?…i’m just very good at french negotiations:) when i returned to Bucharest, a friend of minewas desperate to buy it…she was offering me 200 euros…and i wouldn’t sell it for anything in the world.
I just have dresses that i LOVE! It’s hard to explain this, but it’s all about the story behind them. There is a relationship between US:) and i’ll keep it until i’ll be very old and wrinkled and i will be happy to remember everything we’ve been through!
What about you…do you have a dress in your wardrobe that you won’t give up for anything?

Keep in touch for more …treasures REVEALED !



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