The golden diamonds / JE NE SUIS PAS PARISIENNE


Mango coat (similar HERE) / Zara camel sweater / COS skinny jeans (similar HERE) / Nike trainers /  Stella McCartney bag / vintage scarf / Paul & Joe belt

When it comes to the “i don’t care / but still looking chic / and feminine / and in control” look, there is no one quite as skilful at doing it as the French are. More precisely, the parisienne.

It’s just how they are. Leather jacket, messy hair, a little bit of rouge on her lips; she doesn’t care that the table she’s sitting at is so tiny that there is no possible way to fit your iPad, book, coffee and croissant; the accidental elbow hits from people sitting on each side of her are nothing to worry about; she is in her own world, listening to the breathing of the city, and living the moment as it is in the present.

And even if you’re not parisienne,  Paris just makes you look at the world differently. It inspires you so much that you start wearing trainers/brogues all day long, to meetings, shows, or simple walks that last for hours. All you think about is Paris. All you want is to feel a part of it. All you can do is just enjoy it.

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Photos: Elena Goroshka

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