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Hey guys!
My heart is so happy that I’m able to wear only a few pieces on me day by day and care less about coats and jackets !
I would love to feel the sun and the warm weather all year around and think about creations that can make women look amazing all summer long :)))
Today’s skirt is also one of my creations made at The Flavour Style Atelier among it a very simple multi-pearl look, but its details makes it more sophisticated. The pearl details or accessories became for me a must to a woman’s wardrobe! Why?
Because pearls are a sign of wealth, purity and class without being too obvious!  It is truly an iconic and ancient symbol of the unfathomable beauty that comes from nature. As you can see it can be worn in different shapes and ways!
We don’t need to put much jewellery just to look more attractive, as long you keep it simple with qualitative stuff.
Have a easy busy day and enjoy your week!
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Was wearing :
Top – Chloe
Skirt – The Flavour Style Atelier
Shoes – Chloe (similar)
Necklace – Diana Broussard
Earrings – Chanel (similar)

Photo by Vadim Putregai

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